Monday, August 25, 2014

Secret Door

Secret Door

Discover what is behind the Secret Door

The project brief was to include in your digital art a photo, a found item and your own art.

 I used this photo of some flowers on a shrub in the gardens near my home, I thought it would blend well with the door.

All I did with this image was to turn it 90 degrees.

My found item was a rusty old key I had found when cleaning up to move into our shabby old house.

With the key I used Photoshop to cut it out with the magnetic lasso.

My gouache painting of a shabby old door near my home.

I adjusted the levels to make the dark tones darker.
All three images were then blended together using opacity.

1 comment:

  1. A stunning combination, I like the way you can still see the paper texture. There is a nice balance between the painting and the photograph with the key adding interest. Did you select the window in the door so that the flowers look more intense?