Monday, September 1, 2014

Black Fish

Last night I played with some of my art in Photoshop to see what I could come up with.
The Black Fish is the end result.

This scanned image of ink lino cut stamp over watercolour looked very washed out, 
so I adjusted the levels to make it look sharper.

My quick sketch of a fish looked very dirty when scanned .

I gave it a bit of a clean all over using the dodge tool, then cleaned up it's face with the brush tool.
Wow! you can really notice the difference. I left the rest as I couldn't be bothered with all that detail.

I then cut out with fish with the magnetic tool, placed it over the other image and reduced the opacity.

Here I got this effect for the back image from the "dust & scratch" filter.
The fish I used "hard light" in layers to make it sharper.

Lastly I used "puppet warp" to alter the back image.
Then on the fish I used "glowing edges" in texturise, which made the fish black.

So from two ordinary looking scanned images, I think I made something that looks pretty cool.

1 comment:

  1. Nice work Alison, the intensity of colour of the print in the background is effective. It would be interesting to do another image using puppet warp to make the fish swim a bit more and have it next to this one. Puppet warp can really make something bend.
    I visited a couple of textile artist studios yesterday as part of the Yarra Valley Open Studio weekend. Both do some beautiful work that I think would interest you. Marion from Nina Wish designs did the Diploma of Textile Design at RMIT. I told I had a classmate interested in the course and she encouraged you to contact her and she would be happy to talk through your folio. Well worth a visit to her cosy studio next to the Yarra in Warburton
    The other artist is Gillian Farrow. She also studied at RMIT. Her website is worth exploring as it gives an overview of the breadth of her work and show cases her fabulous studio. She uses a variety of techniques that you can see on her website.